Mission of mercy

On 23–30 April., Sr. Maria Vian­neya Dąbrow­ska and Sr. M. Elia­na Chmie­lew­ska will proc­la­im the mes­sa­ge of Mer­cy and sha­re the spi­ri­tu­al riches of St. Faustina’s lega­cy in Sin­ga­po­re. Con­fe­ren­ces pre­ached in the Cathe­dral of the Good She­pherd will be aimed at pre­pa­ring the faith­ful for the Feast of Divi­ne Mer­cy. The pro­gram inc­lu­des also meetings with the faith­ful at other chur­ches in Sin­ga­po­re.

On 26–28 April, Sr. Miriam Janiec and Sr. Tere­zja­na Kle­pac­ka will proc­la­im the mes­sa­ge of Mer­cy and pre­pa­re for the Feast of Mer­cy the people gathe­red at the Shri­ne of Divi­ne Mer­cy in Gal­lar­don in Fran­ce. The sisters will meet with many com­mu­ni­ties, among all the gro­ups of Fau­sti­num Asso­cia­tion foun­ded at that Shri­ne.