Truly GOOD

Good Fri­day. Tru­ly good… On that day, God was sum­mo­ned to answer befo­re man’s court and accep­ted a cru­el death so that His belo­ved cre­atu­re, cal­led “me” – the human per­son would enjoy the ful­l­ness of life and the authen­tic fre­edom. Shed­ding blo­od on the Cross He reve­aled the gre­at­ness of His mer­cy and the power of His for­gi­ve­ness. As our Lord hung on the cross, He allo­wed his heart to be ope­ned. As He expla­ined to Saint Fau­sti­na: On the cross, the foun­ta­in of My mer­cy was ope­ned wide by the lan­ce for all souls – no one have I exc­lu­ded! (Dia­ry, 1182). …if you do not belie­ve My words, at least belie­ve My wounds (Dia­ry, 379).

God rece­ived per­ma­nent wounds inflic­ted by sin­ners. His scars are an evi­den­ce of His mer­ci­ful love. On Good Fri­day, we begin a nove­na befo­re the Feast of Divi­ne Mer­cy. For nine days, invo­king the Holy Wounds of Christ, we bring spe­ci­fic people to the foun­ta­in of His Divi­ne Mer­cy, that they may draw strength and refre­sh­ment and wha­te­ver gra­ce they need in the hard­ships of life, and espe­cial­ly at the hour of death (Dia­ry, 1209). As the Secre­ta­ry of the Divi­ne Mer­cy noti­ced: the work of redemp­tion is bound up with the work of mer­cy (Dia­ry, 89). 

Good Fri­day –my redemp­tion day! It is the day of rega­ining fre­edom and retur­ning to the house of our Father in Heaven, rising to the digni­ty of a child of God in which roy­al blo­od flows.Mer­cy of [God] is so gre­at that no mind, be it of man or of angel, will be able to fathom it thro­ugho­ut all eter­ni­ty. (Dia­ry, 699) and even eter­ni­ty is not suf­fi­cient to ado­re Him wor­thi­ly (see Dia­ry, 951).

May the busy­ness of the Easter pre­pa­ra­tions does not stop us from taking a time to ful­ly expe­rien­ce this gre­at myste­ry of Chri­stian faith: the truth of God rich in mer­cy. May pray­ing the Nove­na befo­re the Feast of Divi­ne Mer­cy deepen our awa­re­ness on the signi­fi­can­ce of redemp­tion and invi­ta­tion from God to coope­ra­te with Him in saving all souls from eter­nal dam­na­tion.