The fight is not over yet!

It seemed that it was the end of the fight, that it was time for a well-dese­rved rest, but… on Palm Sun­day even more than ever befo­re, we need to hear the­se words of Jesus: Child, you are not yet in your home­land; so go, for­ti­fied by My gra­ce, and fight for My king­dom in human souls (Dia­ry, 1489).

On the last Sun­day of Lent, we need spe­cial strength to end the fight with vic­to­ry? Why? Becau­se just in the last week of Lent the oppo­nent who­se name is Satan will double his efforts to stri­ke us fast with two prac­ti­ced blows:

  • the temp­ta­tion to get absor­bed in the whirl of work,
  • the temp­ta­tion to quar­rel, to which we suc­cumb most often in the moments of exhau­stion and rush.

You must now pre­pa­re a well-desi­gned defen­se stra­te­gy to knock out your Con­te­stant. The Polish and World Cham­pion in spi­ri­tu­al war­fa­re — St. Fau­sti­na — comes to help you. She wants to teach you some­thing, sha­ring the­se words with you: I must not let myself beco­me absor­bed in the whirl of work, [but] take a bre­ak to look up to heaven (Dia­ry, 226). This exer­ci­se is not easy. It requ­ires self-disci­pli­ne and coope­ra­tion with God’s gra­ce, for exam­ple: thro­ugh the daily mor­ning pray­er to the Lord Jesus and requ­esting Him to help you remem­ber this prac­ti­ce in the Holy Week and use it with patien­ce in the moments of fen­ding of the blows.

Howe­ver, in the face of an upco­ming blow of quar­rel, you sho­uld make a dodge that is you sho­uld keep silent. St. Fau­sti­na wri­tes : Silen­ce is a sword in the spi­ri­tu­al strug­gle. A silent soul is strong; no adver­si­ties will harm it if it per­se­ve­res in silen­ce (Dia­ry, 477). Of cour­se, the point is not to say nothing. It is bet­ter when you think first, whe­ther what you are going to say to some­one ple­ases the Lord Jesus or it is bet­ter to keep silent. What mat­ters is also the way of spe­aking. You gain more with gen­tle­ness rather than with a harsh tone and stub­born­ness, when you hold to our opi­nion which may not neces­sa­ri­ly be good.

The­re­fo­re, let us not rest on our lau­rels. The pre­vio­us rounds were just a warm-up. The­re are short nights (less sle­ep) ahe­ad of us, queu­ing up, rushing to cle­an up, and the wil­lin­gness to do eve­ry­thing per­fec­tly, which is not good for our inner con­cen­tra­tion. Let us not be sur­pri­sed if during the Holy Week the car will bre­ak down or the cake will burn. Then, let’s look up to Heaven and keep silent or even “to spi­te the devil” say: God, you are the Lord of my time! So? You take care of it!