Enter the ring! Fifth round

At the end of your Len­ten fight, you are cer­ta­in­ly looking back and thin­king that some days of your strug­gle may have looked dif­fe­rent. More com­mit­ment, more pray­er, quiet­ness, reading the Bible – to allow God to work in your life. Less distrac­tions, addic­tions – to avo­id the opponent’s blows. Leave your thin­king and draw conc­lu­sions. As long as you fight, you are a win­ner – says St. Augu­sti­ne. In the fifth round, your Refe­ree wants to give you an impor­tant mes­sa­ge – that you will not get out of the ring today. It was just a warm-up. I will not delu­de you with pro­spects of peace and con­so­la­tions; on the con­tra­ry, pre­pa­re for gre­at bat­tles (Dia­ry, 1760) – Jesus said to Sister Fau­sti­na – My dau­gh­ter, your strug­gle will last until death. Your last bre­ath will mark its end (Dia­ry, 1597).

Your God has not left you on earth witho­ut help – accept the power of the Holy Spi­rit! He will make your heart sen­si­ti­ve, help you disco­ver all the traps of the ene­my. He will lead you to a com­mu­ni­ty whe­re you will find simi­lar war­riors. Remem­ber that Jesus wants to streng­then you in the fight thro­ugh the Eucha­rist, the Sacra­ment of Recon­ci­lia­tion, and spi­ri­tu­al direc­tion. Do not give up on the­se things. Be patient – you will not neces­sa­ri­ly see the fru­its of your Len­ten fight right now. But you can be sure that in the eyes of God no renun­cia­tion is lost. The­re­fo­re, do not leave the bat­tle­field until the end of your days!