Easter wishes 2019

My daugh­ter, look into the abyss of My mer­cy and 
give pra­ise and glo­ry to this mer­cy of Mine. 
Do it in this way: Gather all sin­ners from the enti­re world and

immer­se them in the abyss of My mer­cy.

(Dia­ry, 206)

Dear Apo­stles of the Divi­ne Mer­cy!

The events of Holy Week are appro­aching. This is the time when we pon­der the abyss of the Mer­cy of God, who did not spa­re even His Only Son, but He gave Him for the sake of all of us, saving us from our sins. We con­tem­pla­te Jesus who, tho­ugh in His Pas­sion and in the tor­ment of the Cross did not obta­in human mer­cy — as John Paul II wro­te in the Encyc­li­cal Dives in Mise­ri­cor­dia – but He has reve­aled in His resur­rec­tion the ful­l­ness of the love that the Father has for Him and, in Him, for all people – love that is more power­ful than death. The same Christ, the Resur­rec­ted Son of God, reve­als Him­self to us today as the ine­xhau­sti­ble Sour­ce of Mer­cy, from which any­one who comes clo­ser to Him with trust can draw the neces­sa­ry gra­ces.

Con­tem­pla­ting the myste­ry of the Pas­sion, Death and Resur­rec­tion of Jesus, we want to draw from the Spring of Mer­cy and fill our­se­lves with Jesus’ mer­cy. It is mer­cy that trans­forms us and ena­bles us to prac­ti­ce mer­cy towards our neigh­bo­ur and beco­me wit­nes­ses of His love, which is more power­ful than death and the sin of man. As apo­stles of the Divi­ne Mer­cy, fol­lo­wing Jesus’ con­cern so that each man may rece­ive the gift of Redemp­tion, we want to draw from the Sour­ce of Mer­cy not only for our­se­lves, but also for other souls, espe­cial­ly tho­se who do not belie­ve in God’s good­ness. We want to do it in the way that Jesus Him­self recom­men­ded Sister Fau­sti­na that is: gathe­ring all sin­ners from the enti­re world and immer­sing them in the abyss of Divi­ne Mer­cy. 

During this year’s Pas­so­ver may we pra­ise and wor­ship the Divi­ne Mer­cy! May as many souls as possi­ble appro­ach the Sour­ce of Mer­cy thro­ugh our mini­stry of love, sacri­fi­ce and pray­er. May our gre­atest joy be eve­ry man who belie­ves in love that is more power­ful than his sin and who with con­fi­den­ce will drown him­self in the abyss of God’s Mer­cy. May the Mer­cy of God be glo­ri­fied in us and in eve­ry human heart!

With our best wishes and pray­er

Sr. Miriam Janiec, ZMBM

pre­si­dent of the Fau­sti­num Asso­cia­tion
toge­ther with the Sisters 

Easter, 2019