Together or Apart”

Chri­stian com­mu­ni­ties live by one, and only, radi­cal pas­sion – to fol­low Jesus Christ. It is He who calls and invi­tes into a com­mu­ni­ty, it is He who sends the Mes­sa­ge. It is God, not man, who cre­ates the Chri­stian com­mu­ni­ty. Deve­lo­ping a bond with Him cau­ses human bonds to grow stron­ger, more genu­ine and respon­si­ble. It is undo­ub­te­dly a spi­ri­tu­al path which can­not be wal­ked alo­ne. The­re­fo­re we need to walk toge­ther in order to car­ry out God’s Mer­cy by the power of the Holy Spi­rit.

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