The Merciful in Everyday Life 

What can we do so that the Divi­ne Mer­cy is mani­fe­sted in our enti­re being, per­me­ating our tho­ughts, words and acti­vi­ties? How to be mer­ci­ful not only from time to time, during signi­fi­cant life events or acts of cha­ri­ty, but “always and eve­ry­whe­re” in our daily life. This book attempts at fin­ding answers to the­se questions with an aim to enli­ven, deepen and streng­then the spi­rit of mer­cy towards all tho­se whom we meet each day on our paths of life.

Saint Fau­sti­na under­sto­od well that human mer­cy par­ta­kes of the Divi­ne Mer­cy, the­re­fo­re it demands con­stant com­mu­nion and pro­fo­und uni­ty with Jesus – the Sour­ce of Mer­cy not only during pray­er but in all events of daily life. Her life reve­als how impor­tant it is for the sha­ping of the atti­tu­de of mer­cy to disco­ver in our heart the pre­sen­ce of God – the Sour­ce of Mer­cy and to com­mu­ne with Him thro­ugh love. By uni­ting with Jesus, by con­stan­tly ado­ring and con­tem­pla­ting Him in the inner­most dep­ths of her heart, Saint Fau­sti­na lon­ged to be His living ima­ge and wished to be trans­for­med enti­re­ly into His mer­cy. Her pray­er Help me, O Lord is an expres­sion of this strong desi­re bur­ning in her.

Our new for­ma­tion book “The Mer­ci­ful in Eve­ry­day Life” by Sr. M. Ali­cia Zelmań­ska is ava­ila­ble in the “Mise­ri­cor­dia” book­shop and it can be orde­red from the Inter­net shop at